About Us


Meadway Mutts is a small family business located in a quiet rural setting at Sprent in the Northwest of Tasmania. We provide training for owners of dogs and puppies as well as boarding kennels for a limited number of dogs. We use only positive reinforcement techniques in our training. 


Our approach is simple: Dog training is a family affair! We believe that for the training to be as effective as possible it is important to include all the people who have regular access to the puppy or dog. Therefore, we encourage the whole family to come to the courses at Meadway Mutts. All children are very welcome and those past the toddler stage are encouraged to "help" mum and/or dad with training the family pet.

Involvement leads to responsibility


Whether it be a new puppy or an older dog we know that your pet can sometimes be a handful. He/she can cause disruption in the family, behaving in ways that are unexpected or unwanted (not to mention destructive!). Treating problem behaviour and even knowing where to start with a puppy can be a bit daunting.


Meadway Mutts have a number of special courses and we are sure you will be able to find one that suits your particular situation. Check out the Training page for a list of our classes and special services and then give us a call (or email us) to arrange a booking.


We can also board your dog(s) while you are away (see the Boarding page for details) and we can supply products from a variety of manufactures so make sure you have a look at our Products page as well.

Remember - at Meadway Mutts we can help!


The average person will remember -

10 to 20% of what they hear and
30 to 50% of what they see demonstrated

BUT they will remember
80 to 90% of what they actually do themselves!