Dog Training - Group Classes

During the KINDERGARTEN PUPPY and BEGINNERS 6 week training courses at Meadway Mutts,
our aim is to teach dog owners to understand their dog's basic nature. It is important to realise that, although the principles of training using positive reinforcement apply to all animals,
dogs are not the same as people. They have certain inbuilt instincts and some behaviours
are easier to control and shape than others.

Classes are conducted at our property in Sprent on the North West coast of Tasmania.
We are conveniently located within an easy drive from Ulverstone, Devonport and Burnie.
You can check out the Contact Us page for a map of where we are but you will have to come
and visit us to really appreciate the location. We always maintain small class sizes within a large room
so that you are assured of lots of active participation in the lessons.

Dog Training - Private Lessons

Meadway Mutts also offers Private Lessons for those who are unable to attend Group Classes due to commitments or major difficulties with their dog. Our Private Lessons have been used to assist many owners with a variety of issues in older and younger dogs. Private Lessons do come at an increased cost compared with Group Classes. ​