​"Start them off on the right paw".

At Meadway Mutts we have many years experience in dog training and firmly believe that the most effective way
to achieve results is through positive reinforcement. All the knowledge you will gain from attending classes at Meadway Mutts is based on the principles of behaviour shaping through positive reinforcement. 
If you are new to dog training then a simpler explanation is: In order to get your dog to do what you want
(at least some of the time!) the most effective method is to work with existing behaviours and gradually shape
them into behaviours you want. This shaping is done using pleasant(positive) experiences for the dog, hence the description:

Behaviour Shaping through Positive Reinforcement


Usually this positive reinforcement is in the form of food treats, at least in the early stages of training, because most dogs are very motivated by food. However, dogs can also be taught to recognise other things, such as the sound of your voice, a whistle or a clicker as positive experiences. We will teach you ways to do this so that training is even more effective.

During the Kindergarten Puppy Training and Beginner courses at Meadway Mutts our aim is to teach dog owners to understand something of their dog's basic nature. It is important to realise that, although the principles of training using positive reinforcement apply to all animals, dogs are not the same as people. They have certain inbuilt instincts and some behaviours are easier to control and shape than others. As you progress through your course at Meadway Mutts our aim is to teach you the technical skills required so that you can continue to train your dog to do more complicated and interesting things.

Classes are conducted at our property in Sprent on the North West coast of Tasmania. We are conveniently located within an easy drive from Ulverstone, Devonport and Burnie. You can check out the Contact page for a map of where we are but you will have to come and visit us to really appreciate the location. We always maintain small class sizes so that you are assured of lots of active participation in the lessons.

Remember - at Meadway Mutts we can help!

Kindergarten Puppy & Beginners Class

The Kindergarten course is especially for puppies preferably between 8-21 weeks and Beginners is from 21 weeks and up. The Kindergarten class is run on Mondays 6-7pm and Thursdays 7-8pm. Beginners is run on Mondays 7-8pm and Thursdays 6-7pm for a period of six weeks. It provides you with the basic do's and dont's which will allow you to get your puppy off to the best possible start. You will learn the basics of behaviour shaping through positive reinforcement and you will be able to socialise your puppy in a safe environment.

Intermediate Class

This 6 week course is run on Tuesday nights 6-7pm. It is for dogs and owners who have completed the introductory level training and wish to increase their knowledge and further develop their skills in behaviour shaping. Topics such as "timing and targeting" and "shaping chain behaviours" are covered and, of course, there is further opportunity to socialise your dog as well as yourself.

Seniors Class

This course is run on Wednesday nights and is the final level of formal, structured training. It can be attended after successful completion of the 2 previous levels and will further develop your skills and your understanding. The structure of this course is a little more flexible, with specific topics able to be covered in detail.

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